What We Do

On-site Solar Power and Energy Storage

We design, build and maintain photovoltaic power and storage systems for rooftops, residential and commercial property.

On-site Solar Power

Renewable energy right outside your door

With a custom-built photovoltaic installation, we can help you save money and improve your energy security by using your rooftop or land to generate and store clean electricity.

Key Features

Sustainable energy from technology you can trust

Customised Solution

A unique PV system purpose-built for your location and energy needs.

Energy Storage

Store surplus electricity to ensure a consistent and stable power supply.

Ongoing Maintenance

O&M solutions that will keep your installation optimised for years to come.

Extra Income

Sell surplus energy for an additional revenue stream.

Financing Guidance

Localised support and financing options, including purchasing energy as a service with no upfront costs in select locations.

Built by Experts

Our team has over 15 years of experience building and operating PV systems.

Is on-site solar right for you?

Solar power is a surprisingly adaptable energy solution. All you need is empty space on your property – whether that’s on land or on your rooftop

Since our solutions are customised, we can design a solar power system especially suited to your propery and energy needs. Our systems also include options for energy storage, so you can be sure of a reliable, predictable source of power.

Every client’s location and energy needs are unique, and we understand that the process of installing an on-site energy supply can be daunting. As well delivering as a safe, reliable solar power system purpose-built for your location, our local team will help you navigate the entire development process, including guidance and support with any subsidies or financing opportunities in the countries where we operate.

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About Photon Energy

Why Us?

We have over 16 years of experience.

We have ISO certifications in all of our primary markets.

We're a public company, traded in Warsaw, Frankfurt and Prague.

Case Studies

Our clean energy solutions in action

Ready to take control of your energy security?

At Photon Energy, we’re committed to making clean energy accessible to everyone. Our local team of experts is here to guide you through the process and find an on-site solar power solution that is safe, reliable and purpose-built for you.

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