What We Do

Utility-scale Solar Power

Full-lifecycle solutions for photovoltaic and hybrid power plants.

Utility-scale Solar Power

PV and hybrid systems from concept to completion

We have over 15 years of experience developing, building and operating solar power plants. As an independent power producer with a growing portfolio of PV installations around the world, we have unique insight into all of the markets where we operate. You can trust our solutions because we use them too.

Key Features

Customised solutions for optimised performance

Turnkey Solutions

Our work covers the complete lifecycle of solar power systems.


Specially designed for your location to ensure optimal performance.

Hybrid Options

Battery and storage systems can be incorporated into any installation.

Our Solutions

Whatever the challenge, we'll deliver a solution

Every solar energy project is unique, which is why our solutions are adaptable to fit the specific needs of our clients and partners. All of our solutions can be delivered separately, in phases, or as a comprehensive package.

Our Solutions

Project Development and EPC

Project Development

1. Land Acquisition

Securing the right land or property for a solar energy project is a complex process with many moving parts, which are often localised. We'll act as your advocate throughout the land acquisiton and feasibility stages to ensure the best possible location for your project.

2. Development and Permitting

As well as developing projects in-house, we acquire them at all stages of development, from greenfield to RTB. We’ll oversee all licensing, permitting and other legal processes to ensure that your project is in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

3. Financing and Support

A key stage of constructing and operating a utility-scale asset is securing financing solutions. Drawing upon our experience financing projects with alternate business models, including merchant, we’ll provide support and guidance throughout the process.

4. Engineering and Design

We’ll develop efficient, state-of-the-art technological solutions that are specifically designed for your project, optimised according to local variables. This process includes initial studies, concept approvals and execution designs, as well as simulations of your PV system’s production.

5. EPC

Our solar power solutions are fully engineered, project managed and commissioned by in-house engineers with extensive international experience.

While most EPC providers focus on how much energy a system can generate, we focus on offtake – how much energy you can actually use. We’ll ensure that your installation is efficient, reliable and optimised for the best possible performance. 

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Our Solutions

Operations and Maintenance

Our work doesn’t end when a plant is commissioned. We provide comprehensive O&M and monitoring solutions to keep your installation optimised for years to come.

Our Solutions

Hydrothermal Solar Power

Through our partnership with RayGen, we can deliver solar-plus-storage with the economics of pumped hydro and the flexibility of batteries.

Our Solutions

Energy Offtake

As a licensed energy offtaker in six countries, we can purchase energy to help maximise the return on your PV investment and support the green transition.

About Us

Photon Energy in Numbers

130+ MWp

in Our IPP Portfolio

700 MWp

in Our O&M Portfolio

1.2 GWp

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Case Studies

Our clean energy solutions in action

Global experience, local expertise

As an independent power producer, we’ve spent over 15 years refining our solutions through the development and operation of our own PV power plants. Our local team of experts is ready to help you develop a solar power solution that is customised, comprehensive and reliable.

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