Case Study

On-site Solar Power for a Next Generation Building

Norwest, NSW, Australia

The Bond at Norwest Business Park

Installed Capacity

86 kWp



buildcorp-logo.png (16 KB)

Innovative PV mounting structure developed in collaboration with Buildcorp

  • The Bond at Norwest Business Park is a next generation workplace constructed from engineered timber.

  • Photon Energy partnered with Buildcorp to develop a custom-built mounting structure for a rooftop solar system to integrate with the timber structure.

  • The installation was a finalist at the 2023 Clean Energy Council Solar Design and Installation Awards.

The Challenge

Constructed from engineered timber, The Bond is a seven-storey commercial building built to represent the future of office design.

Aside from the sustainability of timber as a building material, there is a growing body of evidence internationally demonstrating that connection to nature, biophilic design and wood is associated with improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Testing of the timber structure for The Bond took place at the CSIRO Testing facility in Ryde to ensure all Australian Certifications were achieved. 

With its focus on innovation and sustainability, on-site solar power was a natural fit to meet The Bond’s energy needs.

The Solution

As the benefits of timber-framed buildings are becoming more clear, the team at Photon Energy were excited to take on the challenge of helping to incorporate a PV system into The Bond’s energy infrastructure.  

We partnered with Buildcorp to develop a mounting structure for solar panels, purpose-built for The Bond’s rooftop. The bracket type included in the structure allows for certified installation enabling both tilt- and flush-mounted panels.  

Throughout the project, we worked closely with Buildcorp to solve problems and adapt to challenges as they arose, including a change to the type of bracket. 

With the successful completion of the project, all stakeholders were pleased with the results. Even moreso when the installation was a finalist at the 2023 Clean Energy Council Solar Design and Installation Awards.

We’re incredibly proud to have contributed a renewable energy solution to a property so closely aligned with our own values of sustainability, community and innovation.

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