What We Offer

Energy Flexibility Monetisation

Unlock new revenue streams and support the transition to renewables.

Energy Flexibility Monetisation

Risk-free opportunities to benefit from clean energy

Can you adjust the time or levels of your energy consumption or production? If so, we can help you use that flexibility to generate income and support the integration of renewables into our power supply.

Key Benefits

Earn money and support the green transition

New Revenue Stream

Opportunities for additional income in a wide range of industries.

No Costs, No Risks

No financial investment is required, and we assume all risks on your behalf.

No Operational Impact

All energy adjustments are made according to your parameters.

Improved ESG Profile

Your flexibility helps integrate renewables into the energy mix.

Who We Work With

How flexible is your business?

An enormous range of commercial and industrial businesses and operations can shift their energy use in ways they may not have considered.

Now, through programs and mechanisms such as the Capacity Market, this untapped potential can generate a completely new source of income.

No matter your industry, we can help identify and access any opportunities for monetisation that are available to you.

Examples of Energy Flexibility

Water Utilities

Adjustments can be made to the speed of compressor units in order to limit power consumption.


The energy consumption of CHPs can be adjusted without impacting production.

Commercial Property

HVAC systems can be turned up or down for short periods of time without causing significant changes to the building's overall temperature.

Chemical Manufacturing

The speed of mixers and stirrers can be adjusted, reducing power consumption without influencing production.


Hot or cold water can be stored in tanks for later use, and lighting can be reduced where it will not affect work safety.

Energy Producers

Energy producers including solar power, wind, water and biogas can also use their flexibility in ancillary services and the capacity market.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Flexibility Through Energy Storage

On-site battery energy storage systems can be integrated into your flexibility plan or monetised as independent power sources.

How It Works

Our Process

We'll work with you to gain a complete understanding your business and develop a monetisation plan that's right for you.

1. We help define your areas of flexibility.

2. We determine what opportunities are available.

3. We agree on terms and processes.

4. We implement pre-agreed energy adjustments.

5. You get paid.

Ready to monetise your flexibility?

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How it Works

Ancillary Services and the Capacity Market

We all recognise the importance of shifting to renewables to meet our energy needs. But as the energy landscape evolves, we're presented with a new set of challenges.

With traditional power plants, the amount of energy produced can be adjusted to match how much is needed. But renewables are less predictable. Sometimes they produce more energy than is needed, sometimes not enough. This can cause the energy grid to become imbalanced, which can lead to issues such as blackouts.

lerta-dsr-header.jpg (1.58 MB)

That's where energy flexibility comes in. Through ancillary services and the capacity market, energy consumers and producers can get paid for adjusting or shifting energy output or use.

This helps to prevent or correct energy shortages, allowing us to integrate renewables into our energy supply while keeping the grid balanced and stable.

Our team of experts can help you access these markets and services. So in addition to financial benefits, your flexibility can help build a sustainable future for everyone.

Want to learn more about Ancillary Services and the Capacity Market?

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About Us

Why Photon Energy?

Dedicated team of energy flexibility experts

Global infrastructure and localised expertise

Over 15 years in the renewable energy sector

Local experts for market-specific support

Our energy flexibility solutions are currently available in these locations:

The Czech Republic



*Our energy flexibility solutions in Hungary are currently in development, but will be available soon! Get in touch to learn more.

Guiding you to a new source of risk-free income

The world of energy flexibility is rich with opportunity. It's also incredibly complex and ever-evolving. But that doesn't have to be a problem. We can guide you every step of the way.

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