Project Development

We develop projects in-house and acquire them at all stages of development.

Solar energy solutions from concept to completion

From large-scale power plants to off-grid energy systems in remote communities, we understand the wealth of possibilities inherent in solar power.

With years of experience on projects of all shapes and sizes, and as owners and operators of our own solar power plants, we have the expertise and proven track record to navigate any project through all stages of development.

Whatever the challenge, we can deliver a solution.

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About Project Development

Every solar energy project is unique, which is why our services are adaptable to fit the specific needs of our customers and partners.

Location Solutions

Securing the right land or property for a solar energy project is a complex process with many moving parts. We can manage the process to ensure the best possible location for any project.

Administration and Financial Planning

Through all stages of development, we oversee all licensing, permitting and other legal processes to ensure that every project is in full compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. 

Technology and Design

We develop state-of-the-art technological solutions that are both efficient and innovative, specifically designed for the project at hand.

Project Acquisitions

We are always looking to acquire solar power projects at any stage of development for our own portfolio. 


Solar Power Purchase Agreements

We can provide a full-service PPA for customers who would prefer to avoid the upfront costs involved in developing a new solar power project.

pe-development-ppa-rooftop-1thd.jpg (291 KB)

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) is an arrangement in which a developer finances, installs and operates a solar energy system on a customer’s property, at little or no cost to the customer. The customer can then purchase power generated by the system at a fixed rate, which is more predictable and usually lower than typical utility prices.

In addition to the obvious cost-effectiveness and environmental advantages, some of the benefits of a PPA with Photon Energy are the inclusion of operations and maintenance services, equipment replacement, full insurance and a flexible contract length.


RayGen Technology

We are a proud partner of RayGen, an industry-leading solar technology company.

RayGen has developed a groundbreaking, low-cost solar-plus-storage energy solution by combining its proprietary PV Ultra solar technology, which generates both electricity and heat, with Thermal Hydro, a tailored electro-thermal storage cycle.

By combining high-efficiency concentrated PV generation with thermal absorption and storage, RayGen has achieved the highest energy density of any solar technology available today.

We act as Project Developer and EPC contractor for RayGen projects. Our partnership enables us to provide exciting new solutions for our customers and within the solar energy industry as a whole.

Contact us to learn more about incorporating RayGen technology into your solar energy project.

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