Photon Energy-RenCraft Consortium Commissions 950 kWp PV Power Plant in Poland

  • The Company was contracted by Miejskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja Sp. z o.o. to design and build the photovoltaic (PV) power plant
  • The PLN 3.36 milion (EUR 0.73 million) project was funded by the client
  • Consisting of solar panels with a combined capacity of 0.95 MWp, the plant has provided clean electricity to a wastewater treatment plant in Koszalin for over a month, helping the municipality to ensure energy security and reduce energy costs

Amsterdam – 22 September 2021 – Photon Energy N.V. (WSE&PSE: PEN, FSX: A1T9KW) (‘Photon Energy Group’, the ‘Group’) announced that Photon Energy Solutions (the ‘Company’), the Group’s subsidiary dedicated to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, has – as part of a  RenCraft-led consortium – delivered a 0.95 MWp PV power plant to its client Miejskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja Sp. z o.o., an organisation responsible for the care, control and management of a wastewater treatment facility in Koszalin, Poland.

The PLN 3.36 milion (EUR 0.73 million) project, which is now fully commissioned, has been providing an uninterrupted supply of clean electricity to the facility for over a month, helping the municipality to reduce the growing costs of energy from the grid.

The Company was contracted to design and build the PV system and will also provide maintenance services during the warranty period of 60 months from the commissioning date.

‘We are very excited with the success of this project for the Koszalin community. Our decentralised solar PV power solutions for the reliable supply of energy to municipalities have proven themselves many times over. The system that we have built not only ensures the sustainability of the local wastewater treatment plant, but is instrumental in providing energy security while reducing the costs of energy from the grid,’ said Georg Hotar, CEO of Photon Energy Group.

‘The project has been challenging in terms of high customer demands and its realisation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together with the Photon Energy team, we delivered unique solutions ranging from the uncommon east-west layout of the PV plant to a cutting-edge mid-voltage grid supply interfacing system and the cloud-based SCADA environment, responsible for optimising the autoconsumption of the generated energy,’ said Przemysław Kowalski, CEO of RenCraft.

This project represents the fourth collaboration between Photon Energy and RenCraft. The first installation was constructed in 2012 to power a wastewater treatment plant and a water supply company in Ruda Śląska. With an installed capacity of 311 kWp, it was the largest rooftop PV plant in Poland at the time. 


Image source: Sal Multirotor

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