Photon Energy Appoints Supervisory Board

  • Mrs. Boguslawa Skowronski and Mr. Marek Skreta were appointed as supervisory board and audit committee for Photon Energy by the general meeting on 4 December 2020
  • The changes to its corporate governance are a part of Photon Energy’s preparations for its upcoming listing on the regulated (parallel) market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the standard market of the Prague Stock Exchange
  • The appointment of the supervisory board and audit committee will ensure that the Company complies with the best practises for the public companies listed on regulated markets


Amsterdam 7 December 2020 – Photon Energy N.V. (WSE: PEN, the 'Group' or the 'Company') announces that it has established a two-tier board structure comprised of the existing managment board and a new supervisory board and audit committee, appointed at the extraordinary general meeting held on 4 December 2020.

The supervisory board and audit committee is comprised of two members, Mrs. Boguslawa Skowronski and Mr. Marek Skreta, appointed for a four-year term of office. The supervisory board members meet the independence criteria set in respective EU regulations.

‘We are pleased that both supervisory board members not only possess extensive experience as entrepreneurs and executives at international institutions, but also know Photon Energy and its end-markets extremely well. This is obviously of enormous value and we are confident it will ensure the continued growth of Photon Energy. The team and I are really looking forward to working with Boguslawa and Marek,’ commented Georg Hotar, CEO of Photon Energy.

These changes to the corporate structure of Photon Energy are related to the preparations of the Company to transfer its share listings from the alternative NewConnect and Free Market to the regulated (parallel) market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the standard market of the Prague Stock Exchange.

The Company has implemented these changes in order to be in full compliance with the laws and regulations imposed on public companies as well as the best practises of the regulated markets.



Photon Energy N.V. is a global solar energy solutions and services company covering the entire lifecycle of solar energy systems. Since its foundation in 2008, Photon Energy has built and commissioned over 100 MWp of solar power plants across two continents and 74.7 MWp as part of our own portfolio. It is currently developing projects with 594.6 MWp in Australia (580 MWp in partnership with Canadian Solar), 41.8 MWp in Hungary, 4.6 MWp in Poland and 87.0 MWp in Romania, and provides operations and maintenance services for over 300 MWp worldwide. In addition to that, the company is at an advanced stage of building two utility-scale PV power plants with a combined capacity of 14 MWp in Leeton, Australia. In addition to that, the Group’s water treatment subsidiary Photon Water focuses on developing and providing clean water and remediation solutions and services around the world. Photon Energy is headquartered in Amsterdam and listed at the Warsaw, Prague and Munich Stock Exchanges. The company has offices in Europe, Australia, and South America. For more information visit our website

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Photon Energy Group
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