Wells and Resources

We provide complete services for wells and water resources, from design to maintenance.

Complete solutions for new and existing water wells

We have the expertise and proven track record to provide customised water well solutions using state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Our work is research-based and prioritises both safety and efficiency, grounded in our mission to ensure access to clean water for people and communities around the world.

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About Wells and Resources

Our services are comprehensive and cover the complete lifecycle of water wells, from planning and design to decommissioning.

Project Development

We provide project development services for new and prospective water wells and resources. Our work is comprehensive, and includes hydrogeological assessments, design work and the administration of planning, permitting and approvals.


We use the latest technology to construct and install water wells that provide an efficient, sustainable supply of water. We perform pump tests on new wells, as well as guidance for successful long-term operation.


We conduct full diagnostic inspections and evaluations of water wells and boreholes, including video inspections and borehole measurements. 


We offer comprehensive well regeneration services using traditional mechanical and chemical methods, as well as a highly effective and environmentally friendly method using ultrasound technology. Our services also include pre- and post-remediation diagnostics, water source quality monitoring, wastewater disposal, pumping tests and evaluations.


Our ongoing monitoring and maintenance services ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, optimising operating costs and allowing wells to operate at maximum efficiency.


We provide tailor-made decomissioning solutions and ensure that liquidation in safe, efficient and in accordance with applicable legislation.

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