Water Resource Management

We help our customers make the best, most efficient use of their water resources, such as lakes, ponds and industrial water bodies.

Complete solutions for water systems and resources

Our work is research-based and prioritises both safety and efficiency, grounded in our mission to ensure access to clean water for people and communities around the world.

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About Water Resource Management

We provide comprehensive, customised solutions to help our customers successfully manage a wide range of water systems and resources.

Our Water Resource Mangement services include:

  • Small reservoir design and operational guidance
  • Modification and revitalisation of small watercourses
  • Water retention in the landscape
  • Flood protection and prevention
  • Erosion control
  • Rainwater management
  • Algae control in lakes and ponds
  • Industrial water storage

All of our services begin with research and analysis to accurately identify the needs of our customers and ensure the best possible solutions.

Once research is complete, we can manage all aspects of planning and development, including system design, financing and investment plans, and all necessary permitting.

We then oversee all aspects of procurement and installation or construction, delivering turnkey solutions tailor-made to fit the needs of our customers.

Algae Control

An effective solution for algae and biofilm control in lakes, ponds and other freshwater resources.

Our system of algae and biofilm control is based on an efficient, environmentally friendly methodology called The Water Trifecta©:

  • An aeration system is installed to regulate temperature and maintain healthy oxygen levels for fish and beneficial bacteria
  • An ultrasound algae control transducer kills most types of algae that are prone to blooming in still bodies of water
  • Beneficial bacteria are added to the body of water to consume the nutrients which cause algae blooms

We offer a range of products to suit any body of water. They will be connected into a perfectly working ecosystem, creating a sustainable, long-term method of algae control.

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