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Grant and Research Projects

Ongoing research and development is a vital component of our vision of a future where clean water is accessible to everyone.

Innovation is one of our core values

We work with leading academic institutions and participate in governmental research programmes to develop cutting-edge water treatment and management solutions.


LIFEPOPWAT is a European project promoting technological innovations based on constructed wetlands for the treatment of pesticide-contaminated waters.


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LIFEPOPWAT aims to provide a means of mitigating risks to water from HCH megasites through the use of Wetland+ technology, as well as a means of replicating these solutions across the EU and around the world. The project will benchmark the technology’s performance, ease of deployment and sustainability against conventional approaches.

The project has been realised thanks to the Life programme, the EU’s financial instrument for the support of environmental conservation and climate action projects, and to the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.


Key Information


Registration Number: LIFE18 ENV/CZ/000374



Project Duration


1 January 2020 – 31 December 2023


Links and Resources


Project Website


Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation for Contaminated Land Remediation (EiCLaR) is a European/Chinese consortium with the aim of developing scientific and technical innovations for in-situ bioremediation technologies.


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These innovations will be directly developed into industrial processes for the efficient, cost-effective treatment of a range of environmental pollutants, such as chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and pesticides. The technologies will allow bioremediation approaches to expand their range of applications to industrial sites and waters that contain complex, highly concentrated pollutant mixtures.

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 965945.


Key Information


Project Number: 965945

Call for Proposal: H2020-NMBP-BIO-CN-2020

Project Coordinator: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France


Project Duration


1 January 2021 – 31 December 2024


Links and Resources


Project Website


Entry into the Wastewater Treatment Market in Peru

This project – funded by a grant from the Czech Development Agency – aims to address the need for the expansion of wastewater treatment systems in Peru.


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In the initial ‘preparation’ phase of the project, Photon Water will develop a sustainable business model for entry into the Latin American wastewater treatment market. Our longer-term aim is to support the ongoing development of the sector in Peru, working closely with local partners to share our expertise and strengthen bilateral relations between Peru and the Czech Republic.


Key Information


Grant Provider: Czech Development Agency

Decision Number: 280508/2021-ČRA

2021 Project Budget: CZK 863,150


Project Duration


1 January 2021 - 15 November 2021

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