Wetland Restoration in the Czech Republic


The Municipality of Hamr na Jezeře

The Regional Office of the Liberec Region


Hamr na Jezeře, Czech Republic

Key Data:

Project Duration:

2019 - 2021

Ponds Constructed:


A new refuge for aquatic wildlife.

The challenge:

The project was the result of an initiative launched by the mayor of the municipality of Hamr na Jezeře to restore local wetlands and connect them with nearby springs and a system of ponds.

The project had three main aims: to improve water retention in the landscape, to increase local biodiversity and to enhance the overall environment for residents and visitors.

The solution:

In order to increase the quantity and quality of lowland wetland habitats, we set out to reconnect amphibian breeding sites through the construction of a system of small ponds with a free water surface.

From 2019 to 2020, exploratory work was carried out in the area, including hydrogeological and biological surveys, as well as geological probes. We then oversaw design and planning, obtained building permits and other approvals, and helped with the application for financial support from the regional government.

By creating a system of water bodies of varying depths and sizes, we aimed to provide a place for amphibian reproduction and at the same time a refuge for other aquatic plants and animals. The aesthetic enhancements to the chosen location, near a popular hiking trail, would also serve to attract visitors, and to raise awareness throughout the region of the project and its outcomes.

The project was successfully completed in March 2021, just in time for the beginning of spring, mating season for local wildlife.

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