Operations and Maintenance

We provide a full range of O&M services, including monitoring and inverter maintenance.

We manage over 430 MWp worldwide

Our philosophy is to maximise environmental and financial benefits for our clients by carrying out preventative maintenance to extend the useful life of their assets. The power plants we manage run with an average uptime of more than 99%.

Photon Energy is an asset owner as well as a service provider; we understand our clients’ needs because we are one ourselves.

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About Operations and Maintenance

Our O&M solutions include technical, financial and administrative services for photovoltaic power plants.

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Technical Audits

We perform in-depth technical audits of solar power systems that include inspections and data analysis in order to assess performance, identify problems and implement solutions.

Preventative Maintenance

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians perform targeted inspections and testing to ensure that any potential problems are identified and resolved before they become a fault, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Monitoring and Control

We provide online monitoring and analysis for all types of photovoltaic projects, ensuring that system abnormalities are identified and rectified, and that the site is running at optimal performance.

Site Maintenance

We offer complete site maintenance services, from module cleaning to grass cutting and vegetation management.

Inverter Cardio

Our unique maintenance program ensures that inverters get the specialised care they need.

Service Interventions

Thanks to our monitoring platform and broad network of service technicians, we can usually restore full operations within four hours.

Consulting Services

Our legal team monitors legislative requirements in countries around the world, guaranteeing that all installations are managed in full accordance with local legislation and to the highest quality.


Our team is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified by TÜV SÜD, guaranteeing a high quality of service with minimal environmental impact.


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Monitoring and Control

We provide online monitoring and analysis for all types of photovoltaic projects.

We perform monitoring and analysis in real time for over 120 projects in eight countries around the world. Through active dispatching, we can respond to any issues promptly and efficiently, helping our customers to minimise costly downtime.

We are proud to offer our own monitoring and management ticketing platform, Photon Energy Command (PECOM). Web-based and suitable for all types of photovoltaic projects, PECOM is intuitive, customisable and reliable.

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Overview of PECOM:

  • An integrated-yet-modular solution to monitor, analyse, process and provide data across solar PV portfolios
  • Sophisticated ticketing modules, connected across the system
  • User-defined reporting and notifications
  • Easy accessibility for field technicians and operators
  • Intuitive and usable for any PV project stakeholders, including solar asset managers, owners, banks, dispatchers and O&M providers
  • Provides customisable, comprehensive data solutions to ensure well-informed business decisions

Please contact us for a guided demonstration of the PECOM platform.

PECOM Monitoring System

Inverter Cardio

Our unique maintenance program ensures that inverters get the specialised care they need.

The central inverter is the heart of a PV power plant. And just like a human heart, it needs to stay healthy. That’s why we call our inverter maintenance program Inverter Cardio.

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Preventive Maintenance

Our certified technicians help to keep your inverters running at full capacity and prevent costly downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

We create a unique predictive model for every inverter we work with. This allows us to anticipate problems before they arise and ensure that replacement components are always on hand.

Corrective Maintenance

When service intervention is required for a central inverter, we can dispatch a technician within 24 hours.

String Inverter Repair

String inverters can be shipped directly to us for repair. We will arrange shipping and return the inverter as soon as our work is complete.

Component Sales

Our sources for inverter technology include a diverse range of manufacturers and distributors. We can provide a wide variety of components at competitive prices.


We train your technicians to resolve basic issues, but we also provide support via phone, email and remote access.


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