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We design and build power plants and storage solutions with quality and longevity in mind.

Complete turnkey solutions for PV installations

We have a proven track record of delivering engineering, procurement and construction services that can actualise any solar energy project, providing our customers with sustainable, efficient and reliable energy as well as significant long-term cost savings.

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About Engineering

Our solar power solutions are fully designed, engineered, project managed and commissioned by in-house engineers with extensive international experience.


We build and commission large, utility-scale solar power plants in locations around the world, providing services that include grid support, active and reactive power.


We provide solar power, power storage and energy management solutions for large-scale power users to offset grid power and reduce energy costs. Our expertise in building and operating utility-scale systems ensures that our solutions are expertly designed, correctly dimensioned and reliable.


We offer a range of off-grid power solutions that can provide an autonomous energy supply in even the most remote locations.


Off-grid Storage Solutions

Solar energy storage systems offer a clean, reliable and cost-effective alternative to diesel power for remote communities, installations and infrastructure.

Our off-grid storage solutions are scalable, customisable and ideal for a broad range of applications.

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Remote Solar Communities

Communities in remote areas can power services, industries, provide clean water and build their local economies.


Communities and industries can pool their resources within a local power network that integrates solar power and uses it most effectively. Solar storage enables a portion of the energy to be stored during high-production and low-consumption periods, saving it for periods of higher consumption. This enables members of micro-grid networks to take full advantage of their on-site power production.


Solar energy storage can provide power to mining infrastructure without the need for large, centralised energy generation.


Continuous, reliable service is essential for remote telecommunications facilities and installations. Solar energy storage ensures that these needs are met, with higher reliability standards and power quality than traditional diesel generators.


Solar power storage allows for reliable on-site refrigeration, processing and water resources.


Electric vehicles and entire fleets can be charged anywhere, with no dependence on vulnerable fuel supply chains.

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