Reporting Misconduct

At Photon Energy Group, we are committed to operating with integrity. 

In line with current regulations as well as our own values and expectations, we have instituted the Photon Energy Group SpeakUp Line as a channel for employees, consultants, suppliers and stakeholders to report misconduct related to Photon Energy Group business and operations.

This includes activities which could be interpereted or preceived as:

  • ilicit or illegal
  • in contradiction with the values and principles described in our Code of Ethics and other internal policies
  • harmful to Photon Energy Group, our employees or contractors, or our reputation as an entrepreneur, competitor and employer

The SpeakUp Line is managed by an independent third party operator. Users can choose to remain anonymous, and all communication is encrypted. Any report which comes back to Photon Energy Group is strictly confidential.

If you have witnessed any misconduct, please report your concerns.

SpeakUp Line