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Photon Energy Solutions CZ s.r.o.

Identification number (IČO): 28482123

Tax identification number (DIČ): CZ28482123

Company seat: Karolinská 661/4, Karlín, 186 00 Praha 8

Statutory representative: Global Investment Protection AG, managing director represented by Mr. Georg Hotar

Business Register

Company Register Extract (PDF)

Solar Energy Solutions S.A.

Identification number (KRS): 0000702458

Tax identification number (NIP): 5272826366

Statistical identification number (REGON): 36870045900000

Company seat: Plac Stanisława Małachowskiego 2, 00-066 Warsaw, Poland

Statutory representative: Mr. Georg Hotar, Member of the Board

Business Register

Company Register Extract (PDF)

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