May 2022 at Photon Energy Group

Our independent power producer (IPP) portfolio of PV power plants produced 13.8 GWh of electricity.

On a year-to-date basis, 51.3 GWh of electricity has been produced, compared to 34.3 GWh during the same reporting period last year, an increase of 49.6%. This increase is a result of the expansion of our proprietary portfolio.

The clean electricity generated by our plants in the first five months of 2022 represents an avoidance of 20,963 t of CO2 emissions.

Our independent power producer (IPP) portfolio of PV power plants generated 13.8 GWh of clean electricity, the highest monthly production volume in our company’s history, and revenues from the sale of electricity also reached a record high.

We successfully tapped our 6.50% Green EUR Bond, increasing its volume by EUR 10 million to a total of EUR 65 million. The net proceeds will be used to further finance the construction of proprietary PV power plants.

Our share received ‘Buy’ recommendations from WOOD & Co., one of the leading brokerage companies in CEE, and IPOPEMA, a Poland-based company engaged in investment banking and brokerage services.

During the Annual General Meeting held on 31 May 2022, the Annual Financial Statements for 2021, the Remuneration for 2021 and an update of the Company’s Remuneration Policy were approved, the Supervisory Board of the Company was extended to three members.