July at Photon Energy Group

Our proprietary portfolio of PV power plants produced 12 GWh of electricity. On a year-to-date basis, 59.6 GWh of electricity has been produced, compared to 49.3 GWh during the same reporting period last year, an increase of 28.9%. This increase is a result of the expansion of our proprietary portfolio.

The clean electricity generated by our plants in the first six months of 2021 represents an avoidance of 23,681 tonnes of CO2

In July we commissioned 2 power plants with a combined capacity of 14.6 MWp located in Leeton, Australia. The plants are expected to generate 27.8 GWh of clean electricity per year, which will be sold on the National Electricity Market on a merchant basis. 


All our reports can be found in the Reports section of our Investor Relations page.

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