July 2019 at Photon Energy


In July, our power plants’ portfolio generated a total of 5.8 GWh of electricity, which was 1.6% above the energy forecasts. Additionally, we successfully increased the Group's 7.75% corporate bond 2017/2022 by EUR 7.5 million to a total outstanding volume of EUR 37.5 million, corresponding to 25% of the previous bond volume.

On 2 July, Photon Energy connected to the grid three PV power plants with a total capacity of 2.1 MWp, located in the municipality of Nagyecsed, Hungary. This new addition expands the Group’s proprietary portfolio of PV power plants to 39.2 MWp. The Group also acquired four additional PV projects with a total planned capacity of 2.8 MWp in the municipality of Kunszentmárton, Central Hungary.

In Australia, the Company successfully completed the construction of 20 out of 30 rooftop installations for the supermarket chain ALDI Stores Australia with a capacity of 99 kWp each.

On 30 July, Photon Energy sold its 25% stake in Suntop Solar Farm Pty Ltd., the project company which is holding all project rights and has obtained Development Approval for the 189 MWp PV power plant project in Suntop, New South Wales in Australia, to Canadian Solar Inc.

Download the monthly report here (pdf).

All our reports can be found on the Reports page in our Investor Relations section.


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